• Cable-conductor products

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  • OOO "SK" SU-39 "

    Construction, assembly, dismantling, manufacturing of metal structures ...

  • Retail store equipment

    Sales, installation, design of projects, guarantee that the guarantee of service ...

  • Products from a granite
  • Elevators, travolators, escalators

    Sale, installation, maintenance, repair ...

  • Manufacture of windows and doors

    Manufacturing of plastic windows and doors ...

  • Elevators (sale, installation, maintenance, repair)

  • Spare parts for elevators

  • Industrial equipment

  • "Construction company "SU-39"

  • Escalators (sales, installation, maintenance, repair)


  • Travolators (sale, installation, maintenance, repair)

Industrial and commercial equipment, elevators and lifts, windows, granite products

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Company "ARM-EKOltd. was founded on June 21, 2004 on the basis of scientific-productional company for the design, construction and operation of treatment facilities.


The main activities of "ARM-EKO"Ltd.

The main activities of LLC "ARM-EKO":

  • installation, commissioning, upgrading, repair and maintenance of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and lifts;
  • sale of elevators, escalators, moving walkways, lifts and parts for lifts;
  • sale, installation and maintenance of process equipment for the food industry, confectionery and culinary shops, cafes, bars and restaurants;
  • manufacturing of industrial electric stoves, cabinets baker, meat-neutral and equipment for the food industry, confectionery and culinary shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

     The main ideology of our company are daily and targeted improvement of the enterprise as a whole and all its employees, ensuring the growth of image and reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. What is achieved through an individual approach to each client, wide range of goods and services, warranty, after-sales service and reasonable price levels.