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Our services

Calculation, design and cost estimate

When doing construction or repair work there is often a question of choice of productivity, power consumption and other quality characteristics of the manufacturing equipment. "ARM-EKO ltd." provides calculation of the species, quantity, capacity, speed, about lifting and handlin equipment (escalators, moving walkways, passenger, cargo and hospital elevators) to optimize the movement of passengers and cargo traffic and the most efficient use of economic resources. For this the developing projects, preparation of construction, technical documentation, preparation of construction documents are done.

Construction, installation and commissioning

The specialists of our company conduct dismantling, installation and commissioning of passenger-, freight-, hospital- and cottage elevators (modernization kits), escalators and moving walkways of all types and manufacturers. During this work various electrical and construction work, finishing work of shaft, mashine room, installation of fire resistant metal doors in machine room and assembly hatches are performed. Production and installation of door frames of shaft are done. Installation, replacement and repair of various types of communication and control systems and integrated controllers - SLM (Etalon-1, Etalon-2, Promin, etc.).

Maintenance and repair of elevators, escalators and moving walkways

The main indicator of the smooth and safe operation of elevators, lifts, escalators and moving walkways are properly organized their maintenance and repair. Ltd. "ARM-EKO" is a specialized organization, which is authorized and licensed to perform this type of work (according to the "Rules of construction and safe operation of elevators" - PBBEL). Elevators, which ended the life limit is liable to replacement, upgrading, or repairing or reconstruction, that are performed by our specialists. Lift emergency service desk is the guardian of your safe movement.